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No we are not estate agents.

King of Lettings is in the business of taking out long-term leases with landlords and turning them into accommodations for professionals who work for big corporations. The service we provide adds value to your property due to upgrades, ongoing maintenance and effective management. You will be free from dealing with estate agents and tenant issues.

Yes. What we do is offer you a 3-year lease to take over your property as a tenant if you will.

Throughout our lease we pay you an agreed upon rent every month whether or not the property is occupied. We take care of all the maintenance inside and out. When there are tenant issues, we take the call at midnight complaining of no heat. We find the tenants, make sure they qualify for the rent, keep their homes clean on a weekly basis, collect the rent and do everything you would have to do if not for King of Lettings. We’re your ideal tenant, in a manner of speaking.

Our landlords pay nothing at all.

Our money is made on the difference between what we pay you in rent and what we charge the tenants or their companies. Those we rent to are willing to pay more in rent due to the amenities we provide, including weekly cleaners and utilities. Some maintenance costs must be passed on however, which is discussed below.

The vast majority of our tenants are working professionals who are older, usually mid-20s and 30s. Some tenants may be more mature students doing postgraduate work. We will absolutely not be running a dormitory we can assure you of that. We only allow a limited number of tenants residing at a single property. We allow just one occupant for each bedroom and therefore you know how many people will live in your property.
Over the years we have established good working relationships with large international companies, agents specialising in relocating employees, and recruiting professionals who rely on us to provide comfortable accommodation for their employees.

We have quite a bit of exposure online through our website and other online venues. We also advertise in print media and receive a constant stream of referrals from previous tenants as well as from current residents.

During the screening process we will contact references from employers and former landlords and those certainly play a part. But if we don’t have a good feeling about a prospective tenant, we will not accept them no matter how good their references are.

Most of the properties we manage are 2, 3, 4 and 5-bedroom houses or flats.

If you own any of these types of properties and you’re tired of dealing with vacancies, tenants, repairs and upkeep on a daily basis, you may want to consider using King of Lettings.

Every single month you will receive the rent from us, as we are contractually your tenant.
We prefer to pay via direct deposit on the tenth of the month. If you have other arrangements in mind, just ask.
This is not something you will have to handle. We will take care of problems that occur as long as we are managing your property.

If a resident is locked out or loses their keys we will get the call and will promptly take care of the situation. This relieves you of the responsibility of handling calls in the middle of the night when a tenant has a problem. King of Lettings is your only tenant and will take care of managing the property for you on a daily basis. This is to your benefit.

This would not affect you as we will continue to pay the rent every month and on time.
If and when a tenant fails to pay their rent or pays late, it is up to us to deal with them. It isn’t your problem.
As property manager, it is our responsibility to deal with vacancies and to let the room as soon as possible.

Because we are your tenant, we will continue to pay you the full amount of rent every single month, whether or not your property is fully occupied.

Don’t forget: we are your legal tenant.

If anything happens to your property that is caused by one of our residents we will take care of the problem and cover the cost of the repair.

If something happens that exceeds our responsibility, like the boiler breaking down, we will contact you immediately to discuss everything suggesting options for taking care of the problem.

We have a specific type of commercial agreement that has been created for this particular arrangement. King of Lettings becomes your only tenant for a 3-year period. There are certain circumstances when we would agree to a shorter period of time if necessary. This agreement allows us complete authority to manage your property for you.

Regarding the tenants, they usually sign a 6-month rental agreement, and if they wish to extend we usually allow them to. Our average tenant stays for 12 months, so our turnover rate is manageable. On occasion we may allow for a shorter tenancy if someone is on a short-term work contract. But overall, we prefer long-term residents who will enjoy a close relationship with others in the household.

We come out and do thorough inspections every six months. We will photograph everything and email them to you straightaway.

And remember that we have cleaners coming every week and they always let us know if there is anything to be concerned about. When we get a report, we act immediately to rectify the situation. When any staff member of King of Lettings visits a property they carry out an informal inspection. These occur on a regular basis, as gas meters need checking and so on.

If you would like to make periodic inspections of your property we can certainly organise the arrangements. We want you to have every confidence that we are managing your property with the utmost care.

As the property owner, you would take financial responsibility for all the items an owner is usually responsible for.

As property manager, we’ll do most of the work. For all the usual upkeep, wear and tear we employ a maintenance man full-time and he is fully capable of handling anything that comes up of this nature.

You will always receive a quote on anything needing to be done before we carry out any work. We will arrange for the workmen to gain access to the premises so you do not have to be bothered.

Yes, of course he can continue on taking care of your property.

If you have any other tradesmen or contractors that you’ve been using we are certainly happy to allow them to carry on taking care of things when they occur on your property as long as they are legally certified to do so and carry the required insurance.

We will evaluate the market conditions in your area and make you what we consider a fair offer based on that.

We are not in the business of playing games so will not offer below market value. If you have something unrealistic in mind it is better that you deal with a local estate agent. We will not try to renegotiate mid-lease and do not have any break clauses in our agreement. We are extremely diligent when determining what to offer, making sure the amount makes good sense for King of Letting and for you as well.

That being said, we are very clear on what kinds of properties we want to undertake which allows us to make a fair offer within 24 hours of seeing your property. Our offer will stand and be honored for a period of three years.

You will begin receiving rent immediately as we are your tenant and will pay you rent even if your property is unoccupied.

We will do our best to find qualified tenants quickly, but you will receive your full rent on time every month whether or not your property is fully occupied.

Good question. The fact is that when King of Lettings manages a property for three years it is very often in better shape than when the property was just taken over. This is because we have regular weekly cleanings, a routine maintenance schedule, and we’ve made upgrades like the flat screen TVs and we’ve replaced worn furniture.
No not at all. We will abide by our original agreement throughout the entire 3 years no matter what happens to the market.

This is the main advantage for a landlord in signing a long-term agreement.

Under the conditions stated in our contract, the rent paid by the residents occupying your property will revert directly to you. Their deposits will stay with the Deposit Protection Service in the event there is any unpaid rent or damages.
King of Lettings has waived the requirement set forth in the Tenant Act of 1954 called the “security of tenure” provision. This means we cannot occupy your property longer than our initial 3-year term, unless you decide to renew.
As we have no security of tenure, there should not be an issue here.
Since we have waived our “security of tenure” there shouldn’t be a problem. However it would be best for you to receive written authorisation from your lending institution before signing our agreement. We can provide you with the necessary documentation required by your lender with a copy of our contract, which will address their concerns.
We will generally take on properties on any day. We receive inquiries all the time and although the Holidays are usually slow, that doesn’t mean we slow down or that your property should remain vacant.

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