What do I get when I refer you a landlord?
We are going to give you £200 if you refer to us a landlord with properties in London.

When do I receive the money?
You will receive the money as soon as the landlord signs the contract and give us the key of their property.

How do I know you will pay me?
It is in our interest to pay you for your referral. We believe that you will get excited when you receive your first £200 commission and refer more landlords to us.

I know a landlord with more than one property, do I get more money?
Yes, you do! You will receive £200 for the first property and £50 every other property we sign up with them

How are you going to spend the
money from your referral?


The more information you give us, the more chance we have to sign him up and you to receive your commission.
Please fill in the form and hit send and we will do the rest.

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Data Protection
We do not give any data to any company or person outside KOL. Your data is safe with us!

Our promotion which gives you money for referring landlord to us will expire on December/2015. You are only eligible to any reward if the landlord you referred agrees to rent their property to King of Lettings.